Your Custom Machined Plastic Components Specialist

Since 1994, we have been making standard and custom designed plastic parts and components – bearings, conveyor chain and belt guides, simple and complex custom designed plastic parts, plastic extrusions, SlideTrax and more – for packaging equipment, conveyor systems, process equipment, bottling and canning and power transmission applications.

Our dedication to on-time performance and the production of the highest quality components has allowed our customers to increase productivity and reduce downtime resulting in more efficient operations and reduced costs.

Whether you need an unusual shape or high performance material or both, we can help you by producing a part which suits your application and your machine the best. We work from your specs, with a vast understanding of different conveyor belts, state-of-the-art technical machines and experience.

Our efficient manufacturing process saves you money!

We offer the advantage of being able to make small and medium sized runs without the high tooling costs of extrusions or castings.

Plastic components are less expensive and perform better than steel and aluminum parts. 

Slideways sprockets have replaced steel in applications such as packaging machines and wastewater treatment. Plastic components last longer, operate more quietly, and weigh less than metal parts.

We produce parts from your drawings or reverse engineer them from samples

Whether your design is simple or complex, Slideways can follow your designs to create the parts you need, fast!

Our parts are designed and shipped quickly to meet your deadlines

Our standard time from ordering to shipping is two weeks. And Slideways can produce and ship custom trax for tabletop chain in as few as two or three days.

Our plastic components can handle temperatures ranging from cryogenic to +800°F

The same Slideways chain guides can be used on both spiral freezer conveyors and high-temperature sterilizers.

Discover our creative solutions, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service for machined plastics by finding your closest regional office!