“Partnering with Slideways has increased the value we bring to our customers. Their knowledgeable and responsive staff created a template for a curve conversion and had it quoted within a few days for quick install at Cargill. Excellent work and much appreciated!”
Bruce H.  |  Applied Industrial Technologies - Harrisonburg, VA

"We can always expect a timely response on questions and quotes from Slideways. When out in the field, immediate answers to questions and quotes are imperative. Slideways provides increased value to close orders and build more rapport with our customers. "
Doug S.  |  Motion Industries - Earth City, MO

"We have a long-standing relationship with Slideways. Customer Service by far is top notch and has always been one of our best to work with. Everyone expects good quality parts delivered on time and they have even hand delivered parts to our facility to meet a deadline. Not only do we get parts that are in spec. and on time, but the customer service/response time is excellent. They know our product and go above and beyond to help us serve our customers!"
Tanya L.  |  IMA North America Inc. - Leominster, MA

"I've been working with Slideways since 2017. Customer Service gets back to me in a very timely manner and they always meet my expectations! It is rare that my delivery dates are not met but when there is a problem, I get notified in advance and it allows me to address it before any major issues happen."
Vicky G.  |  American Power Transmission, LLC - Green Bay, WI

"Slideways is a differentiator when it comes to working with their customers. They created a custom part that I couldn’t find anywhere else. They also held a few orders for me so I could decrease my inventory dollars. Thank you for making my life easier!"
Cindy K.  |  Motion Industries - Jackson, MI

"Slideways has opened new doors for our business. Their fast quote turnaround and quick deliveries aid us in being the hero we strive to be for our customers.”
Fernando F.  |  Vaughn Belting - Spartanburg, SC

"Slideways has excellent stock and competitive pricing. It is easy doing business with them because of their ability to cross reference other vendor’s products, as well as quick response time on RFQ’s. With good follow up on orders Slideways is a feather in Murdock’s cap when it comes to conveyor components."
Kris P.  |  Murdock Supply - Wichita KS

"Slideways is one of the most dependable suppliers I work with daily and are easily in the top 10% of companies I work with. Their customer service team is very responsive and well versed in product knowledge and stock quantities. They also have very competitive pricing and are communicative about delivery times on both off the shelf and custom products."
Tony M.  |  Conveyor Technologies - Milford OH

"When other vendors are out of stock or take a long time to get a response, Slideways is there to help. With certain inventory and easy interchanges available, we lead with Slideways. Their friendly sales team is always available to help provide quick quotes and answers to our questions."
Rick G.  |  IBT Inc. - Merriam KS

"Partnering with Slideways adds value to my organization by conducting day to day business in a timely manner with correct parts at a competitive price. They also make my life easier by providing tracking on the acknowledge so I can bill my customers sooner and spend less time wondering if my product has shipped."
Tony S.  |  Motion Industries - Webb City, MO

“Slideways is always quick, concise, and competitive on their quotes. Their quality parts and communication stand out against the competition”
Charles D.  |  LEWCO Inc. - Sandusky, OH

"My OEM now has a direct source for worn parts. We can get custom conversions and plastic parts fast. Our product portfolio has expanded by partnering with Slideways and not only are they competitive, but they also arrive with no QC required because of their quality standards."
Sean T.  |  Creative Solutions - Florence, SC

"Slideways always seems to have what I need in stock or can manufacture quickly. Being in purchasing, quick turnarounds mean I can take care of my customers FAST. Quick and ontime delivery allow Slideways to stand out among their competition!"
Chris J.  | Bodine Electric - Danville, IL

"I enjoy working with Slideways because I can count on good quality products and great customer service in a timely fashion. Expert customer service and quick quote turnaround are two of the main reasons Tuttle chooses to work with Slideways. Knowing that the relationship is solid and Slideways does what they say they are going to do is key."
Chelsea G.  |  Tuttle Inc. - Friend, NE

"Slideways' website is very easy to navigate, especially in the field. I can search dimensions to standard products and even submit a custom RFQ right at the customer. This allows me to quickly get answers for my customers and saves me time when I'm on the road."
Greg. G  |  Motion Industries - Fort Worth, TX

"Slideways has a great stock availability and their customer service is helpful and responsive. Thank you for your partnership!"
Larry W.  |  Chicago Chain & Transmission - Chicago, IL

“My custom UHMW angle pieces arrived precisely to spec with unform finishing and the utmost quality. This was particularly refreshing after receiving what felt like 10ft macaroni noodles from a competitor that had to be pulled into shape with an angle iron. Attention to detail is key in my business and Slideways delivered!”
Kyle B  |  Baker Prints - Chicago IL

"We can depend on Slideways to deliver a top-quality product that meets our engineered specifications, with a next-to-zero rejection rate. This level of quality is brought to us predictably and without sacrificing cost or on-time delivery. As a materials Manager, having a supplier like Slideways that responds quickly to quote requests, provides accurate lead times and clear communication throughout the order process, puts our buyer team in position to succeed for the organization and most importantly our customers."
Mark J.  |  Garvey Corporation - Blue Anchor, NJ