As a top plastic manufacturer, Slideways only uses the best plastic – UHMW – in machining plastic components and chain guides. All types of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) of plastic used in our custom fabricated parts have these characteristics:

  • Noise reduction
  • Self-Lubrication
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Friction
  • No moisture 

UHMW Materials

Natural UHMW – Our most popular material because it is so versatile for so many industries and because it meets FDA and USDA standards.

Repro/UHMW – Reprocessed UHMW is available in green and black.

OF/UHMW – Oil-filled for lower friction, this UHMW is used in roll-end bearings, roller chain guides, star wheels and more.

CS/UHMW – (Tivar® Clean-Stat) is anti-static, meets FDA and USDA and 3-A Dairy standards. Used in hopper liners and vibratory feeder pans.

CP/UHMW – (Ceram P® – Glass-filled UHMW, good for high loads, high speed. Used in bushings, pump impellers and wire belt pulleys.

DS/UHMW – (DrySlide) is also anti-static and ideal for dusty environments.

AS/UHMW – Anti-static formula which protects against an electrical charge build-up. Used in these industries – chemicals, explosives, electronics, grain handling and package handling.

HT/UHMW – High Temperature UHMW up to 275º, used in Baking, conveyor manufacturing, food processing, meat & poultry processing and pet food manufacturing.

UV/HTMW – Ultra-violet protected and resistant, retaining key properties up to three times longer for outside use in Marina, transportation, recreation and agriculture.

Tivar® 88 (Special Lining Formula) – Promotes reliable, steady bulk material flow, used in liners slider beds, and wear strips.

Non-UHMW Materials

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from petroleum and is used in low wear applications such as star wheels, cutting boards.

Nylon 6 – A natural nylon, this nylon is tough and meets FDA standards. Used in machine parts and in sprockets.

MD-Nylon – Molybdenum Disulfide content to this nylon makes it good for longer part life and it is friction resistant. It is used in corner trax, wheels, cams, sprockets and chain guides.

Acetal – Acetal or Delrin® has excellent stability and meets FDA guidelines. It is often used in the pharmaceutical industry.

PTFE (Glass-filled) – Known as Teflon®, this operates up to 500 degrees and is used in wear strips, bearings and wear pads in the baking and chemical industries.

Fluorosint Material – A Mica filled PTFE with excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability and wear characteristics.

Ertalyte® TX – PET with a solid lubricant: Good dimensional stability, high strength and stiffness, excellent wear characteristics. FDA Compliant

PEEK – Excellent chemical resistance, thermally stable to 480o F Good wear and abrasion resistance. Superior bearing material. Available in glass reinforced and carbon reinforced

Torlon® – Superior strength, stiffness and creep resistance. Thermally stable to 475o F. Good wear resistance. Available in unfilled, glass and carbon filled grades

Rulon Material – has a low coefficient of friction, stable to 550o F. Superior stiffness and compressive strength. An excellent bearing material. Available in a variety of Grades.

Lexan – A type of plastic which is intended to replace glass where the need for it justifies its higher costs. It is used in packaging equipment in the covers and guards.

OF Nylon – Oil-filled nylon which has a high load capacity and low friction. It is used in sprockets, bushings, wear parts in the agriculture and construction industries.

Wood (Lube-filled) – Wood, such as hard cherry and filled with lubricant, performs well in making bow curves, chain guides and hanger bearings on conveyor belts.

Additional materials may be used for special applications in making parts for factories and manufacturing.


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