Slideways is the expert at providing extruded profiles. Most profiles are available in UHMW, High temp UHMW, Oil filled UHMW MD-Nylon and PTFE (Teflon®). Rail covers and snap-ons are stocked in 10 and 20 foot lengths. Some are also stocked in 100 and 500 foot coils.

The extruded profile is also available in MD-Nylon J-Leg, UHMW J-Leg, UHMW Full Round, or UHMW Half-Round. Extruded profiles can be used as belt guides, guide rails and protective edging. They are high impact resistant and will not mar most cans or bottles.

Cut Plastic Wear Strip and Cut-To-Size Plastic

Slideways keeps an extensive inventory of plastic materials. The thickness can be planed to a plus or minus .01 inches; saw-cut widths to a plus or minus .03 inches; machined to a plus or minus .01 inches.

High Temperature Applications

Profiles are available in HT-UHMW for applications up to 275°F and PTFE (Teflon®) for applications up to 500°F. Glass Manufacturing, Food Processing, Chemical Processing and Bakeries are typical industries that require higher temperature profiles.

Advantages of PTFE Profiles:

  • Operating temperature – 350°F to + 500°F
  • Higher resistance to chemicals, allows operation in harsh environments
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent insulating properties for electrical applications
  • Approved for direct food contact

Other materials for high temperature applications include PEEK, Torlon®, Rulon® and Vespel®.


Unusual shape? Complex design? Tough material requirements? No matter the case, we can confidently produce a part that suits your application best.

Discover our selection of high quality engineered plastic parts, extrusions and wear components designed to reduce friction.