A leading OEM of glass bottle-forming equipment was struggling with persistent challenges related to their flat-top conveyors. The corner tracks on their conveyors were prone to jerking and sticking, causing unwarranted noise, vibration, and increased strain on the drives. The company attempted to solve the issue by spraying FDA-compliant lubricant on the conveyor. This approach led to the accumulation of debris and contaminants, resulting in frequent cleaning and maintenance. Recognizing the need for a more effective and lasting solution, the company sought out experts to address the challenge.


The company partnered with Slideways, a distinguished specialist in conveyor solutions, along with a well-established PT Distributor. Slideways initiated a thorough on-site analysis of the production lines to identify avenues for resolving the challenge and prevent further damage to the conveyor lines and glass bottles.
After assessment, Slideways proposed a wear strip material optimized to reduce friction and eliminate the labor and contamination of spray lubricant. Custom-machined Slidetrax curves and straights were made from LubX UHMW. This dry-lubed UHMW ensures smooth operation, free of the slip-stick effects that caused so much inefficiency. Now the conveyor runs with a reduction in load on the drive, and facilitates higher conveyor speeds, optimizing overall performance.  

Since the conveyor was made by a third party, Slideways worked with the OEM’s engineering team to manufacture particle board templates of the newly designed curved wear strip. These templates were installed over the existing corners to confirm proper fit of the new curves inside the conveyor frame.


Slideways manufactured six custom-designed Sildetrax, that seamlessly replaced the former design on the production line. By addressing the challenge of jerking and sticking flat-top conveyors with a methodical approach, Slideways aided the company in achieving their goals for operational excellence and building their competitive edge in the glass container manufacturing industry.

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