Belt guides increase system efficiencies because they keep all moving belts straight and true during operations. Without belt guides, conveyor belts can work themselves off track due to poorly balanced loads or overloading, causing premature wearing and failure.

We offer UHMW belt guides for all types of belts, available in several grades of plastic. Our UHMW belt guides are ideal for extending belt life as well as reducing noise and friction. Our belt guides come in standard sizes, however, we can custom manufacture them in unique sizes to meet your needs and application.

Please reference the diagrams below when indicating your belt guide profile and related dimensions:



UHMW Guide Solves Contamination Problem in Glass Plant

The Challenge: The anti-static acetal belt guide being used in a glass manufacturing plant was contaminating glass used for making picture tubes.

The Slideways Solution: Slideways designed a UHMW guide that could be made in 20-foot lengths. Not only did this solve the contamination issue, it also reduced installation time, the guide had a longer life and the belt life was extended. The success of this solution saved the company money by reducing rejects and minimizing maintenance costs.