Efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones of package handling and distribution. With the steady increase in online ordering, the need for distribution centers to ship products is becoming a necessity. Recently, a challenge presented itself at a high-capacity package handling company regarding its metal chute liners and stickers sticking to them.  

The existing metal chutes, while durable, allow labels to adhere easily to the surface and rip off the packages. This led to many operational inefficiencies including an increased need to replace labels and a slowdown on the sorting lines. The adherence of stickers to the metal surfaces was a recurrent problem and required several shutdowns to the line for cleaning and scraping. To combat this, the company applied chute lubricant daily, incurring sizable costs in labor and materials.


Understanding these challenges, Slideways representative introduced a game-changing solution: custom chute liners made from a proprietary formulation of high performance UHMW. This material was chosen specifically for its outstanding sliding properties and significantly lower coefficient of friction. Unlike metal chutes, this custom chute allows for the easy release of stickers, virtually eliminating the issue of package backups and the need for frequent, costly maintenance. 


The introduction of this proprietary chute liner has transformed the package sorting line, addressing the inherent problems of metal chutes, and setting a new standard in efficiency and consistency. Slideways’ solution demonstrates a significant step forward in material handling technology, offering a cost-effective alternative that benefits both the company and its workforce. Implementing these custom chute liners not only addressed the sticker adhesion problem but also brought several additional benefits: 

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The need for daily application of chute lubricant was eliminated, saving on both labor and materials. This change significantly reduced the operational costs associated with maintaining metal chutes and line shutdowns.  
  • Extended Chute Lifespan: Custom proprietary chute liners offer superior durability compared to metal chutes. Their resistance to wear and tear extends the life of the chute providing long-term cost savings and reducing the frequency of replacements. 
  • Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction: The lower friction coefficient not only ensures smoother package handling but also contributes to energy savings and a noticeable noise reduction, creating a more efficient and pleasant working environment.

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Elevate your package handling efficiency with Slideways' custom UHMW chute liners. Say goodbye to daily lubrication costs and frequent maintenance. Our innovative proprietary solution not only prevents stickers from sticking but also extends the life of your chutes. Call our team today to discuss how we can help find your next solution.  

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