The Wisconsin plant of an international manufacturer of packaging and bottling filling machines was producing a new beverage filling line for their customer. To stay on schedule, they needed a custom machined plastic sprocket within two weeks. The manufacturer has a large internal machine shop and normally makes all plastic components in house. However, their internal shop was at capacity, and they did not have the resources to create the part.


Slideways was able to turn around and ship the part in nine days meeting the manufacturer’s two week deadline. Initially, the manufacturer was wary of the service and quality they would receive by outsourcing. However, Slideways had produced these types of products before, and was confident they could meet the customer’s specifications.

The manufacturer was impressed with how quickly Slideways was able to interpret their drawings, produce a quality part, and ship it to them. With the part completed, the manufacturer could ship out their new beverage filling line to their customer on schedule and maintain their reputation as a service level leader in the industry.

Slideways is a valuable partner even for those with in-house machining capabilities. We work from your prints or reverse engineer parts from provided samples.

Efficiency - Our specialty is designing and machining complex, custom plastic parts. Our engineers and machinists are experts in the niche “machined plastics” industry enabling you to concentrate on your core competencies of design and metal fabrication. We work from your specs with a vast understanding of conveyor belts and chains, state-of-the-art technical machines, and knowledge of various plastic materials.

Cleanliness - We only machine plastic. All our CNC machinery is specifically tooled for fabricating plastic components. There is no chance of metal contamination, which is especially important in food processing and packaging applications.

Inventory - We stock raw plastic materials; no need to worry about planning, stock levels, or the physical footprint of inventory at your location.

Delivery - We acknowledge your order with a ship date that keeps your scheduling needs in mind. We pride ourselves in just-in-time delivery with a 2-3 week standard lead-time from order to shipment.

Unusual shape? Complex design? Tough material requirements? No matter the case, we can confidently produce a part that suits your application best.

Discover our selection of high quality engineered plastic parts, extrusions and wear components designed to reduce friction.