Since 1994, we have been designing and building custom extruded profiles for our customers. Made to your exact specifications, we can extrude the most difficult shapes with ease.

Why Choose Slideways for Custom Extruded Profiles?

#1. Cost Efficienct

Slideways will build your tooling with a one-time fee. Over time that fee pays for itself in lower maintenance and replacement costs. We can even design your part to snap on rather than screw on to save you time and money!

#2. High Quality

Slideways extrusions have a higher quality finish because we have been perfecting our process for over 20 years. You won’t see any ram lines or imperfections in our product!

#3. Engineering Assistance

We have worked closely with raw material suppliers to develop solutions in extruded plastic and helped major OEM’s solve problems with plastic selection and part design. Our engineers will tackle the most difficult projects.

#4. Fabrication

If tooling is cost prohibitive, consider having your part extruded and fabricated. It can be produced much quicker, and the cost is often considerably less than traditional molding costs. We will drill, cut, mill, and apply adhesives. All you have to do is install!

When requesting a quotation, use this form to prepare your specifications. It will help us expedite a quotation for your custom extruded profile.