Slideways fabricates rollers to your specification, applying our experience in materials and design to provide an economical roller with an extended useful life.

Component materials of choice include:

  • Tubing: plastic, steel, stainless and others
  • Bearings: UHMW, Nylon, plastic ball bearings, steel ball bearings
  • Shafting: steel, stainless steel, stub shafts

Design options include:

  • Cotter pin holes in shaft
  • Threaded ends on shaft
  • Grooves for drive belts
  • Sprocket drive ends
  • Crowned rollers
  • And more!

To receive a quote, please provide roller diameter, distance between supports, shaft length and any other feature you require.



Commercial Composting Facility Replaces Steel with UHMW

The Challenge: Rollers used in a commercial composting facility were failing prematurely due to the damp, corrosive environment.

The Slideways Solution: Since water is an excellent lubricant for UHMW, Slideways recommended replacing the steel rollers with an all-plastic roller constructed with PVC tubing and UHMW bearings.The rollers have been in service for years with no maintenance.