Slideways provides complete conveyor retrofit services from design to installation. We are able to offer components from top to bottom with custom fabricated tracks and wear strips to levelling feet.

The Slideways retrofit provides lower cost upgrades
We offer shorter installation times that provide shorter down time windows.

Engineering & Design:

  • What track and wear strip materials are best suited to the application for long life and quiet operation?
  • Are there nose bar and return options that are more efficient?
  • What chain or belt design and material is best suited for the application?

Precision Machining:

  • Components machined to exact specifications for each applications.
  • Machining allows for mixing materials to provide longer life and superior performance. Manufactures Hanger Bearings in a variety of materials so you can be sure of using the best performing part for your application. The most common styles are shown below. Custom Hanger Bearings can be fabricated in other sizes and materials based on your prints or supplied samples.

Standard Parts:

  • Bearings, guide rail, levelers, brackets, adjusting rods and any other component required for complete assembly.

Post Build Support & Service:

  • Coordinate with our installation crew and user maintenance team to assure proper operation on start up.
  • Make any adjustments to the system if required.
  • Periodic follow up to assure customer satisfaction
  • Slideways offers more than 20 years of experience in providing quality components for conveyor and packaging equipment.
  • We work with a variety of plastic materials on a daily basis and have the knowledge to provide the correct material for every application

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