Exact Specifications with SlideTrax®

Slidetrax for side flexing and straight running chain is a convenient way to build new conveyors and refurbish existing ones. Our one piece design, CNC machined to chain manufacturer’s specification, is made to the exact radius that you need and incorporates the proper guide clearance. With clearance established in a single unit, installation time and the quantity of fasteners required is greatly reduced.

SlideTrax curves can be made in many materials: UMHW formulation or MD-Nylon, including: OF/UHMW (oil-filled UHMW,) DS/UHMW (dry lubricant filled,) and HT/UHMW (high temperature, 275°F.), Delrin, even lube-filled wood.

SlideTrax with Two-Piece Radius Curve Wear Strips

You can also have a SlideTrax created with a two-piece radius curve wear strip, when using a bevel design or rectangular design. * Please note that all wood curves and all 30-inch curves are supplied in 45° segments.

Advantages to SlideTrax Conveyor Components

Because the specified guide clearance is CNC machined into a single unit, SlideTrax conveyor components require less installation time as fewer fasteners are required for installation.

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