Roll End Bearings, Plastic Conveyor Bearings

Slideways Roll End Bearings press fit into all sizes of commercial tubing and pipe. These roll end bearings are generally made of UHMW, nylon or wood and designed for conveyor roller application uses. These roll end bearings are also available in Oil-filled UHMW. Our standard line of roll end bearings are made to fit rollers with an ID ranging from 0.43” to more than 6” and all shaft sizes.

Roll End Bearings Available in Most Popular Sizes

The roll end bearings are available in standard or the most commonly found sizes in: light duty roll end bearings, molded nylon roll end bearings, and standard duty roll end bearings. If you have a unique application, our experienced sales engineers can assist you.

Custom-made Roll End Bearings

Slideways can help you with custom materials and sizes to fit your specific applications.

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