Standard and Custom Pulleys and Sheaves

Slideways offers standard round belt and V-belt idler pulleys from its catalog. In addition, we make custom pulleys in all diameters and configurations. Hubs, keyways and set screws are available, as required.

UHMW Line Shaft Pulleys

Impact resistant machined UHMW plastic makes superior line shaft pulleys. The flanges do not fatigue and crack as molded pulleys often do. These type of pulleys are:

One-Design: P/N LSP3216280

Split Design: P/N LSP321620S Quickly and easily replace old pulleys with these rugged parts. With the split design, you can install the pulley without the time-consuming removal of the drive shaft.

Split Design with Side Grooves: P/N ESP3211620 This split design pulley provides the same great benefits outlined above, with side grooves for line shaft conveyors with spacers between pulleys.

V-Belt Pulleys and Roundbelt Pulleys (Sheaves)

Slideways pulleys are impact resistant and a sanitary alternative to steel and aluminum pulleys. We have many standard sizes shown in the catalog and manufacture custom pulleys.

Typical applications for pulleys include idlers and drive pulleys for urethane belting on packaging machinery and can cable conveyor systems.

Additional Pulleys:

Roundbelt, V-belt, and Flat Belt Pulleys, Can Be Made to Order:

  • With or without Hubs
  • Key ways
  • Set screws
  • Ball bearings
  • Multiple grooves

Slideways Custom Pulley Solves High Temperature Problem

When a heat transfer machine manufacturer requested a non-metallic pulley for a new design, Slideways recommended a Glass-Filled Teflon® pulley for increased design compatibility. The Slideways design allowed for the higher operating temperatures and provided better service life for the new machine.

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