Processing speeds in chicken slaughterhouses have increased dramatically over the last several years. Live chickens go in on one end and frozen chickens come out the other end ready to be cooked. Standard and custom plastic parts can be found in many areas of poultry processing plants. Chain guides are used in transporting the birds through many operations, such as deboning guides and guide blocks for wing cutters, which ensure a perfect cut each time and save time in processing labor. Plastic components are lighter, have better wear characteristics, and are FDA compliant.

Plastic Replaces Stainless Steel in Food Processing Applications

Plastic components offer many benefits to food processing applications and is often selected as a replacement material for stainless steel.

Pump Rotors in Non-packaging Applications: Ertalyte® components can be used to replace ones made from stainless steel for fluid handling in food and beverage plants. Ertalyte has the required mechanical strength and stiffness, has better wear resistance, and costs less than stainless steel.

Tomato Sauce Canning: A customer of ours used heavy stainless steel turnstiles that required an expensive lubrication system, which frequently contaminated the tomato sauce cans with grease. The lubrication system needed daily maintenance due to its constant operating temperature of 210°. These turnstiles were replaced with ones made from Nylatron GSM®, which is both strong and stable at this temperature. Eliminating the lubrication system and the lighter weight of the plastic reduced the drive system and generated significant cost savings. In addition, production increased due to reduced down time.

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