Benefits of Plastic Roller Chain Sprockets

Slideways’ plastic roller chain sprockets run more quietly and cause less chain wear than metal sprockets. Other benefits include corrosion resistance, lighter weight, greater impact resistance and FDA approved materials.

The compressibility of plastic materials results in greater tooth deflection than found on a metallic sprocket. Greater tooth deflection means that several teeth will bear the load of the chain, increasing the overall load capacity of the sprocket to approximately the full working load of the chain.

Applications of Plastic Roller Chain Sprockets

Applications for plastic sprockets include dusty or gritty environments, food applications requiring frequent wash-downs, and areas where a quieter chain drive is needed.

Slideways Sprockets Made in Other Materials – MD-Nylon, NylaSlide, Repro UHMW, and Acetal.

Sizes of Sprockets:

Slideways makes sprockets for metric chain, double pitch conveyor chains (2035 to 2100,) double chain 35-2 to 120-20, and custom designs with pitch diameters of more than 15 inches.

Sprocket Styles:

Most single hub design sprockets are stock items, while plate and double hub sprocket designs are made to order.

Bores Supplied with Sprockets:

  • Stock Bore – Sprocket is supplied with an unfinished bore.
  • Idler Bore – Advise us of the shaft size and we will provide the bore with the proper clearance to idle on the shaft.
  • Drive Bore – The sprocket will be drilled, keyed and have one set screw.
  • Bearing Bore – For higher speed idler applications, Slideways will provide the sprocket with a pressed-in ball bearing.

Slideways also makes other types of Sprockets:

  • Wire Belt sprockets
  • Wastewater treatment sprockets
  • Modular belt sprockets
  • Mill sprockets
  • Conveyor chain sprockets

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