Selecting the right conveying solution for your application can be confusing. There are a variety of systems and components to choose from including belts and chains made from various materials. Have you considered plastic chain? Using plastic chain in conveyor systems is often an ideal solution for conveyor systems used in food production, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Plastic chain is an outstanding choice for any industry and application that needs a conveyor system and components that are durable, sanitary, safe, flexible, and quiet. Plastic chain can be reliably and efficiently used in a wide range of conveyor systems and environments – even under water. In addition to these benefits, [kds_location] plastic chain from Slideways provides the most flexibility in design and the lowest total cost of ownership versus all other conveyor types.

And the advantages of plastic chain don’t stop there. Traditional belt conveyors can only go where they can be stretched between two rollers, limiting them to discrete straight and curved modules. Whenever a product has to change direction, a new conveyor is required. Not so with plastic chain conveyor systems.  Long runs of conveyor which contain straight sections, horizontal bends, vertical inclines/declines, and even helical curves are all possible with a single plastic chain conveyor solution.

Maintenance and repairs are easier and more efficient with plastic chain – it typically requires no special disassembly of the components other than the chain itself.  Since there is no tensioner or catenary, repairing plastic chain links on a modular plastic chain system is fast and inexpensive.

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your old belt conveyor system components, consider using plastic chain instead. Here at Slideways we can quickly and easily help you match a plastic chain to your application needs to optimize through-put, productivity, and profitability.