A Glimpse into the Slideways Process

Slideways is committed to creative solutions, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service for machined plastics used in mechanical wear and conveyor applications.  Since 1994, we have worked closely with our customers to provide outstanding value with sound engineering advice, ease of purchase, high quality materials and Just-in-Time delivery.

At Slideways, we take great pride that many of our original customers remain valued partners.  To meet our customers’ demands, we have added state-of-the-art CNC machinery specially tooled for fabricating plastic components and experienced engineers in this niche “machined plastics” industry.

The Process begins with your application!  The application triggers three primary steps: Sales Coordination, Manufacturing, and Packaging and Shipping.

1. Sales Coordination:

  • Contact is made with our sales staff
  • Your application (drawings, samples) is evaluated by our engineers.
    • What are the application parameters?
    • What is the best material, considering the environment and cost?
  • Drawings are created and sent to you for approval.
  • Once you approve the drawings, a quotation, with a price and lead time, is forwarded to you.
  • Once your purchase order is received, it is sent to the scheduling department for manufacture.

2. Manufacturing:

  • Prints are reviewed and schedules are set in place.
  • CNC programs are written for fabricating your plastic components.
  • The plastic parts are machined.
  • In-process QC (Quality Control) assures proper manufacture.
  • Production is completed and parts pass final inspection.

3. Packaging and Shipment:

  • Plastic components are properly packed to assure safe shipment.
  • Packages are shipped in accordance with customer specification, or by best way possible.

During the entire process, we maintain close contact with you so that you are aware of how your order is progressing.  Your satisfaction is the basis of the Slideways Vision of “Unparalleled Customer Service Providing the Highest Quality Products.”