Ball Bearing Mounted Units

mounted bearings

Mounted Units are available in 2 and 4 bolt flanges with carbon and stainless steel inserts. Bore sizes from ¾” to 1- ½ “ are available in set screw and eccentric collar locking methods.  Spacers of nickel plated brass are inserted to reinforce mounting holes.  Grease fittings can be provided in stainless steel for stainless steel bearings and nickel plated steel are provided with the carbon steel bearings.

Watertight units are made with back seals as well as open or closed caps.  The closed caps have “O” rings and the open caps have land riding seals to keep out contamination and corrosive wash down solution.

Housings are available in black and white reinforced polyamide with high load capacity and resistance to corrosive environments.

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