PTFE (Teflon®) Guides, Wear Strips and Seals for High Temperature Applications

PTFE (Teflon) profiles, guides and wear strips are available for use in applications where the general purpose thermoplastic materials are unsuitable. Slideways also makes high temperature plastics PTFE seals, PTFE and Teflon valve seats. Industries where PTFE guides and wear strips can be found include bakeries, food processing, chemical processing and glass manufacturing.

The benefits of PTFE are:

  • Operating Temperatures of -350 degrees to 500 degree Fahrenheit
  • Higher resistance to chemicals allows operation in harsh environment
  • Very low co-efficient of friction
  • Excellent insulating properties for electrical applications
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Dimensionally stable, low co-efficient of thermal expansion

Various percentages of glass can be added to PTFE to enhance wear properties and mechanical strength.

Contact a Slideways sales engineer to learn more about the potential applications of PTFE.  Slideways also manufactures high temperature components from PEEK, Torlon®, Rulon® and Vespel®.

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