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Slideways belt guides are found in beverage plants, poultry processing, unit material handling and packaging machinery applications. Slideways creates guide rails to fit commercially available clips and brackets.

Benefits of Stainless and UHMW Guide Rails

Like many of Slideways plastic parts and products, the guide rail design provides benefits, while fitting commercially available standard clips and brackets. The benefits are:

  • Provides for easier clean-ups
  • Meets FDA and pharmaceutical standards
  • Used as a guide rail or belt support

Aluminum and Plastic Guide Rails

Slideways also makes guide rails in both aluminum and plastic. They are available in stock in 10-foot or 20-foot lengths.

Custom Rail Covers Created, Upon Request

In addition, Slideways makes custom rail covers for special conveyor applications. We do custom rail covers because the benefit to you is design flexibility.
Any UHMW formulation, Teflon or MD-Nylon can be machined to cover any size steel or stainless steel rail, channel or strip. Examples include 1/8-inches-by-7/8 inches, 1-inch-by-3-inches, and 1/4-inch-by-4-inches.

Guide Rail Accessories

Slideways has brackets, leveling pads, and tube inserts. We also stock adjusting rods, and clamps of different lengths and materials for different applications.

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