Custom Chain Guides

Custom fabrication of chain guides for conveyors is a specialty of Slideways. We manufacture custom conveyor chain guides in metric and multi-strand design. Custom curves for roller chain are also a specialty of Slideways.

Custom Fabrication of Plastic Components for Conveyor Chain

Custom fabrication of these plastic parts for a conveyor chain can be made out of any these materials:

  • Oil-filled UHMW for high-speed applications
  • Nyloil for heavy duty applications
  • Glass-filled Teflon┬« for high temperatures or chemical resistance
  • MD-Nylon for high load capacity
  • Static dissipative UHMW for electronics and dusty environment applications

Why Choose Custom Fabrication over Standard Plastic Extrusions?

There are many advantages to using custom-machined guides over extruded guides:

Machines Profiles VS. Extrusion

Machines Profiles

  • Usually no tooling
  • Short lead time
  • 2 weeks or less
  • Tight tolerances
  • Machine to + .005″
  • Design flexibility
  • Designs can be changed quickly
  • Try new material
  • No minimum runs

  • Costly tooling required
  • Long lead time
  • 5-8 weeks or more
  • Loose tolerances
  • Cooling rates cause warping
  • No design flexibility
  • New tool required for revisions
  • Minimum run required
  • Large minimum run

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