Belt Guides in Worcester, MassachusettsBelt guides on conveyor systems are key components that serve a vital function in conveyor system operation, yet they often don’t get the attention they deserve.

What’s so important about conveyor system belt guides? Belt guides increase system efficiencies because they keep all moving belts straight and true during operations. Without belt guides, conveyor belts can work themselves off track due to poorly balanced loads or overloading, causing premature wearing and failure.

If you’re a manufacturing, shipping, or distribution center manager responsible for conveyor system maintenance and operations and are looking for high quality belt guides in the country, we’ve got a large inventory of belt guides for most conveyor systems. In fact, our belt guides are found in beverage plants, poultry processing facilities, and a wide range of unit material handling and packaging machinery applications.

We offer UHMW belt guides for all types of belts, available in several grades of plastic. Our UHMW belt guides are ideal for extending belt life as well as reducing noise and friction. Our belt guides come in standard sizes and we can even custom manufacture them in unique sizes to meet your needs and application.

We stock belt guides for round and V-belts and offer flat belt guides as well.

So if you’re in need of conveyor system belt guides for virtually any commercial and industrial conveyor system, contact the belt guide experts at Slideways – the leading source for belt guides.